One person can move a stone,
but only the people can move a mountain together.


On July 4th, I launched a crowdfunding campaign via GoFundMe titled “THE PATRONS: Call to All Creatives,” to overcome the new challenge facing my studio: a deficit of €145,000. As an independent artist, I have financed my own projects for years. And for years, my artwork has been exhibited widely, while my studio found almost no success with acquiring institutional or external funding. So, collaborations with galleries have been initiated, and a collector-base has been built from the ground up. But at a certain point, any collector-base will become saturated. I have chosen now to turn to the greater community of artists and creatives instead.

Rather than a standard crowdfunding scheme based on donations, I plan to mobilize the energy of this call into a new artwork, The Patrons, and a book, The Artist’s Curse. The only text printed in The Patrons will be names – the names of those who supported the studio when it was most in need. Linked by a network of colored threads, woven together, the name of the first patron connects to the last. This unique Artist Book will be auctioned at Christie’s or Sotheby’s, and the entire revenue from its sale will be donated to other GoFundMe artistic campaigns (at present, the value of my artwork ranges from €7,000 to €25,000). Overall, I aim to collate the role of the creative and the patron, allowing artists to focus on their work knowing their financial security is ensured – not only by gallerists or collectors, but the communal support of other artists.

I am an artist who fights labels. But this does not negate how people look at me and perceive what I do. I feel a responsibility to this call’s completion as a success for Palestinian artists, artists of the Arab World, all creatives.


Steve Sabella - Metamorphosis - 2012
160 x 160 cm. Lightjet print on diasec. 3.5-cm aluminum box edge. limited edition of 6 + 2AP